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Recycled Cotton Denim Insulation for the Ultimate in R-Value, $-Value, Health and Environmental Safety
  • High R-value; saves energy, which helps to minimize
    heating and cooling bills.
  • Safe to touch, breathe and live with.
  • Easier and more efficient to install.
  • Great sound control qualities.
  • All advantages add up to measurable cost savings.
  • Made from thermal cotton denim insulation - creating a home as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.
Mr Insulate® Cotton Armor&Trade - Environmentally Preferred Insulation by Applegate
BLUE is the new way to insulate Obviously it is environmentally safe and a "very green" product but COTTON ARMOR™ is more than just catching a ride on green awareness.

Applegate has been making earth-friendly recycled cellulose insulation since 1978 - back when green was just a color.
Alexandria Cotton Insulation's new Denim Blanket Insulation makes going Green easy!
Applegate is the world's largest privately owned cellulose manufacturer with 7 plants nationwide. We are highly experienced insulation specialists - the reason we are number one today.

Safe & Easy to Install COTTON ARMOR™ contains no irritants or harmful chemicals; it does not itch. With no VOC concerns, there is no need for special safety equipment or protective clothing.

Easy to install because no special tools are needed. Installers simply tear by hand or cut it with a utility knife.

How Green?
Energy Saving are enroute to your Alexandria home!
With the continuing push toward economic, energy and environmental sustainability, every product tries to be "green" but most simply are not when compared to a truly sustainable product such as Mr Insulate COTTON ARMOR™. NOTE: Compare carefully the benefits of the environmentally safe COTTON ARMOR™ to fiberglass and when all things are considered you will see that the total cost savings and the safety issues exceed fiberglass and your decision will be easy. Quick Specs Sustainability Mr Insulate COTTON ARMOR™ contains a minimum of 85% recycled content, making it an ideal choice for anyone searching for a high-quality sustainable building material. With Mr Insulate COTTON ARMOR™ your building and environment will be a safer place to live, work, and enjoy.
More COTTON ARMOR™ Advantages

Health COTTON ARMOR™ Batts do not need any carcinogenic or health-warning labels like some other insulations are required to have.

COTTON ARMOR™ Batts do not contain or release VOCs or other harmful airborne contaminants — helping you breathe nice and easy.

Safety COTTON ARMOR™ Batts keeps cool during a fire, as they use some of the most advanced materials to be in tip-top shape to keep everyone safe.

COTTON ARMOR™ Batts do not have flammable kraft paper or vapor barrier; and unlike many other insulations, COTTON ARMOR™ Batts contain natural fire retardants to give occupants more time to reach safety during a fire.